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So here’s the YTF Fall Concert schedule:

And the ISA Concert Tour schedule:


Both have concerts on October 12th and 13th. At least it’s only two days. :)

OMG!!!!!! Minneapolis is so closeeeeeee!!!!!

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I love it when the boys are in one of those popular posts on Tumblr.

Ahh Kevin….❤

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i’ve got 99 problems and they’re all concerts i can’t go to

omg this

I’m in sodak, away from anything remotely close to YTF.

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I’m new to Tumblr. So if you blog about:

*Hunger Games

*Harry Potter

*YTF, Jenna Marbles, Kingsley, GloZell

*Relatable posts

*Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra

*FOOD <3

Let me know because I only follow like 4 blogs >.< I’ll follow C: reblog so I know you’re interested

Kevjumba blog ;)